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   The Management and staff of Trust Bank Ltd are pleased to announce that we’ve been chosen as the Best Commercial Bank in the Gambia 2019 by the Global Banking & Finance Review. This award is given annually to Banks that demonstrate excellence in all facets of their operations. We use this occasion to thank the general public for being earnest partners.   We are pleased to inform our esteemed customers that our ATM machines have now been enabled to process VISA transactions. Tourist, holiday makers and anyone holding a VISA card can now use our ATM machines to make withdrawals    Trust Bank Ltd announces the introduction of a new product called Home Mortgage Loan as the bank further expands its financial services product portfolio to now include land and home purchase loans.   Saturday, the 10th February 2018, Trust Bank Ltd commissioned a new ATM at the premises of the Management Development Institute (MDI).   Once again, motivated by the mood of optimism in the new Gambia we have decided to further reduce our Prime Lending Rate from 20% to 17%, a move that we believe will serve as a catalyst to kick start a renewed culture of entrepreneurship and socio-economic prosperity in our country.   This announcement is a reminder to all our esteemed customers that due to a card upgrade, our old magnetic strip ATM cards have been phased out. We are currently replacing the old magnetic strip ATM cards which are more prone to fraud with chip and PIN-based technology to protect our customers against fraud.   Customers are urged to walk into our nearest branch and request for ATM card replacement which should take no more than three (3) working days to process to avoid being inconvenienced.    Please ignore this message if you have already collected your new ATM card.   The general public is hereby informed that we are now operating from our new building in Brikama branch   We are now in partnership with MoneyGram and RIA Money Transfers. You may receive your remittances from any of our 18 branches across the Country, and also from our numerous and growing Agent partners.   Notice is hereby given that the Nineteenth Annual General Meeting of TRUST BANK LIMITED will be held at Kairaba Beach Hotel, Banjul, The Gambia on 18th May 2017 at 3.00p.m   In our drive to enhance our growing network, Trust Bank Ltd is pleased to announce that it is in partnership with MoneyGram.   Trust Bank takes the unprecedented step of reducing its Prime Lending Rate by 300 basis points, from 23% to 20%.    New ATM cards with enhanced security features are now available. Please arrange to replace your old card from your nearest branch on or before the 28th February 2017

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New ATM At Kairaba Avenue

Trust Bank Ltd. commissioned another ATM located at the entrance of Kairaba Police Station on Kairaba Avenue. The new touch screen cash machine provides a superior customer Commenting on the occasion, the Managing Director of the Bank, Mr. Ibrahima Salla said; The touch screen ATM provides a more intuitive experience for customers who are now…

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In the conscious attempt to bolster our Financial Crime Framework, Management has directed that the Marketing Department raise awareness and sensitize our valued customers as well as Staff on key tenets of the Bank’s Financial Crime framework.

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US Dollar (USD) 51.70 50.10
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CFA(5000) 425.00 400.00
Swedish Kroner (SKR) 550.00 500.00
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